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Clients & Media Partners

[ Advertising / Marketing / Social Media ]


Brief: Launch of specialist product targetting mostly males, tradespersons & van drivers.
Focusing on the male demographic we devised a TV Sports sponsorship package. With substantial nationwide audience complemented by weekend takeover campaigns the client saw an immediate lift in enquiries and customer spend.

CFM Group Ltd.

[ Consultancy / Planning / Analysis ]


Brief:  CFM Group has been a market leader in the Dublin financial services sector for over 20years. Adapting to a fast changing environment CFM group has embraced technology to deliver savings for customers, making it easier and quicker to get the best insurance deals. Also a pioneer specialising in ‘niche’ products (van, house, car) each targeting different demographics. We consulted with the management team and devised a strategy for campaigns & events that would reach each specific audience segment within their budget. Results are constantly measured and campaigns adjusted & updated to ensure best Return on Investment. If you want to discuss your business Avertising, Marketing or branding needs get in touch here 
[ Advertising / Marketing / Social Media ] 


Brief: Launch of new product targeting young drivers, students and newly qualified drivers. We devised a strategy and brokered packages across a range of media outlets to ensure spend was focused on channels that would deliver the ideal customer. Ranging from outside radio broadcasts, Event sponsorship & Promotions and creative ad campaigns in student publications and leaflet drops we were able to deliver tangible results for the client and increase market share. The offline campaigns were reinforced with consistent Social Media coverage. 
Media Partners

[ Advertising / Marketing / Social Media ]


IOD Media have built strategic relationships with the countrys biggest media outlets across TV, Press, Radio and online. We select the right channel for your audience at a budget that suits you. And you are not stuck to just one channel, we can build a comprehensive package to reinforce your message with mix of platforms across all media (ask about the iOD Bundle, call or email today


Why choose iOD Media?


  1. We provide Independent Expertise

  2. We Negotiate the Best Rates

  3. We Deliver up to the minute Media Intelligence

We could go on but we are not here to talk about us we want to talk about you. Make iOD Media Your strategic partner for guaranteed results!
Sometimes a middle man is exactly what you need.

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